Conjunctivitis heals Ophthalmology (eye) and among the diseases of the eye. The symptoms of conjunctivitis: cut out mesh increased lacrimation,  pain in the eyes, conjunctival redness, purulent discharge from the eyes, itchy eyes, swollen eyelids.

Description of conjunctivitis

The origin of the word eye is derived from the Latin naming of the conjunctiva – the tunica conjunctiva, and the Latin suffix –itis, Russian –itida, which means that the disease is inflammatory in

nature.Conjunctivitis can be divided according to several criteria that complement each other. At this time we are divided into hyperakutní (when the symptoms develop within a few hours after a meeting with the infection), acute (symptoms usually develop within a few hours to a few days during the week to the disability second eye, and lasts no longer than 4 weeks) and chronic lasts longer than four weeks. According to the Creator in the most General scale can be divided into infectious diseases, in which the culprits are bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi and that arise as a result of constant irritation – for example, in connection with Allergy or General diseases of the body.

The division very colorful and detailed, good for understanding and about this time we make certain types for agents, and they are here listed only the most popular types, and many others in our latitudes are rare (e.g. some parasitic k), and the disease itself is not found in the world very rarely.


This kind most often in winter and spring. Inflammation is septic in nature, there is often within a few hours so we can talk about or sharp, depending on the causative agent of inflammation. It’s not the most popular form, make up only about 5% of all conjunctivitis. Hyperakutny bacterial conjunctivitis is the result of infection of the bacteria Neisseria gonorrhoeae or Neisseria meningitis, which produced in first case of gonorrhea, the other of meningitis. Inflammation develops over several hours occurs eyelid edema, copious purulent secretions and enlarged lymph nodes. Therapy in this antibiotics in large doses is as a topically in the form as the overall presentation in the form of a tablet. Acute bacterial conjunctivitis is most often caused floors streptokok, hemofilus or stafylokok. Appears secretion cover. Conjunctiva are. Children in most the pathogen spreads to the entire body and causes the typical symptoms of inflammation in the body, such as temperature. Chronic bacterial often called Golden stafylokokem, but often in their creation can participate gut bacteria. This type of inflammation usually is accompanied by inflammation of the eyelids.


Conjunctivitis caused by viruses are the most abundant, their typical symptom is a feeling of “sand in eyes”, which, of course, everyone ever experienced. The transfer is made, the personal hygiene items that are dirty secret of the eyes or respiratory tract, or direct contact with an infected person who is most contagious during the first 10 days. Here the division harder, for simplicity, here will be given only to certain types. A typical viral pathogen adenoviry.