Conjunctivitis is a highly contagious disease

Conjunctivitis is a highly contagious disease

and transmission occurs easily, for example, the already mentioned personal hygiene or by direct contact with an infected person. For anybody not a secret that the eye is affected by inflammation produces a watery, slightly. Frequent application is also swollen lymph nodes. In children often may be a so-called, which is in direct contact with inflammation of the upper respiratory tract and The infection has a rapid onset, nodules can appear pseudomembrsny. offers, they can be separated from the conjunctiva. Immediate therapy does not exist here, it is recommended to use cold compresses and medications that cause free download blood vessels.

Another type

are those caused by herpes viruses (are Herpes simplex viruses that work for shingles). This type is manifested by swollen lymph nodes, you can find small bags. Chlamydia that live inside cells, this  between viruses and bacteria. People have the most Chlamydia trachomatis. Chlamydia works as eye inflammation and inflammation of the urethra, fallopian tubes and uterus. They are sexually transmitted. As a result of infection chlamydiemi there spojivce a special type of inflammation called trachom. We did not have, but is the most common cause of blindness in third world countries, and it is the reasons for the low level of hygiene. Often begins in 5. the next day after delivery infection of the eye (inokulaci) and foreign body sensation in the eye, inflammation and air from the eye. Trachom often comes back even after successful treatment, because against him there is no immunity. Therapy is often antibiotics. The second type of inflammation that chlamydia cause is inkluzní conjunctivitis adults, who were sexually transfer the disease, which most often occurs in young people, and for the introduction of the eye that occurs after contact with infected hands genitalem and, consequently, with the eye. Is about seven days after the Deposit and the infection can develop in different ways for a long time, for several weeks to several months, gradually affects the second eye. The patient usually has a small difficulties often value, and are not, therefore, early treatment and this type of inflammation can become chronic, which lasts longer than four weeks.


is the place where very often there is a contact allergen with the human immune system. It is unthinkable, because this place from the outside world, are relatively well open. If the body for a specific allergen painful allergic reactions. This is most often manifested by itchy, brown, excessive s, swelling of the eyelids and conjunctiva or different degrees of the cornea. Selection in this case watery for but, of course, does not have septic. This is so, or seasonal or year-round. Inflammation appears under the influence of the allergic reaction – the allergen will not cells, in particular mast cells, which have for yourself the bags with the ingredients that act on the surrounding tissues aggressively, if there outpouring. And leakage will occur only after the stimulation of the body the allergen in this type of inflammation is pale and itchy and it stings. As for treatment, need the cooperation of the Allergy and need to eliminate or at least limit the contact of the allergen with alergikem.

Risk factors for conjunctivitis

Risk factors in General communication with  creators. Eye on very sensitive and easily vulnerable, not so developed a protective barrier so that the infection has the navigation path is the organ that is the external world, released more. It is important to observe hygiene of hands, in the case where there are other illnesses such as sexually transmitted diseases, streptococcal diseases, and others.

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