Black Latte activated charcoal for weight loss

Black Latte activated charcoal for weight loss

Oh, chocolate fans, well welcome unto you, the chocolate is Black Latte not only delicious, but the skin good for or mental ones is salutary impact. Writing in the Telegraph article to thank for birth.The chocolate tkp. sumptuous comfort food, which a stress effect in the case of standing by waiting to touch our lives wave in the valleys of reliable comfort for us, and more positive conditions romanticizáló effect, if there is such a word. But is it healthy?

Black Latte how quickly fects can be obtained ?

how quickly fects can be obtained by Black Latte ?If two cheek eating, obviously not. However, there is the good chocolate – you. the min. around 70 percent cocoa content dark chocolate consumption, some effect, which health-wise is now by doctors Black Latte has proven useful to our organization. As so far, the scientists discovered chocolate is good for the heart, the circulation and the brain, and certain conjectures on the basis of a number of health challenges (e.g., autism, obesity, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, in fact, usually the aging) in the case of advantageous processes can start.Next is the quality of chocolate consumed of ten positive and of medicine, is also supported by a dividend:

Good for the heart and the circulation  A recent study says that dark chocolate helps to restore the elasticity of blood vessels and prevents the blood cells in the blood vessel wall adhesion. All these arteries are blocked the development of helps to prevent the grit.

Reduces stroke chances of developing In finland, scientists research chocolate consumption in test subjects, in the case of 17 percent was smaller than the stroke of the occurrence of chance, which is amazing data. Mineral-rich The Black Latte good chocolate (70+%) abundance of potassium, zinc and selenium, similar to, beneficial in minerals. The latter food is 100 grams, however, the recommended daily vasbevitel 67 percent of cover.It reduces the cholesterol levels The cocoa consumption in the studies says it reduces “bad” cholesterol (LDL) levels and increase “good” cholesterol (HDL) occurrence in the body, which held back the heart – and vascular diseases chances of developing.

Good for your skin  The dark chocolate in the available flavonolok can protect the skin from the Sun harmful effects against (I definitely use to continue to sun block!).  It can help you lose weight A Will Clower the name of a neurologist says that if before a meal, 20 minutes a cube is “good” chocolate, we Black Latte leave the language to melt, then certain brain hormone our the following words pronunciation of they will goad us: “I’m Full.” All of this supposedly less we will eat. After the meal a similar, small intervention according to the news of the snacks from going to protect us.

 Good for the mother and the baby  A also in finland research has shown that chocolate calming the stress of the pregnant ladies, and such mothers children smile more than chocolate-not-living counterparts successors.  You can prevent diabetes It may sound strange, but studies based on the cocoa can improve insulin sensitivity. The moderation eating a dark chocolate  due to this delay may, or may precede the onset of diabetes.

Black Latte what is the composition?

what is the composition of black latte ?The brain functioning as well a favourable The flavanolok certain conjectures, according to the older people Black Latte and the memory of can ease, and the dark chocolate has anti-inflammatory effects of the concussion-like injuries in the treatment the doctors can help you.  The chocolate will be better we feel , The chocolate phenylethylamine contains (PEA); this compound is, for example, falling in love during is used to produce the thinking about getting responsible. The PEA in the brains endorphin production stimulated, which protein are joy is complete in providing a helping hand for our organisation.The chocolate lovers good news say the Black Latte researchers.

For five years they studied 8,000 at 65-year-old man, watching the chocolate-eating habits and their health, their life development.
It was found that those who regularly in small quantities they consume chocolate live longer than those who don’t eat any sweets.

Theory is that the chocolate, the red wine, contains substances that protect against cancer and heart disease. Probably the cocoa bean, from which chocolate is made, contain BlackLatte ingredients which prevent cancer formation play an important role in free radical formation and to limit the harmful cholesterol formation, which is heart disease as it can lead to.

In another test, a new page showed in the chocolate. Chocolate contains a compound that theobrominnak call. The theobromint was compared with codeine, which is one of the most common cough medicine. The tests clearly showed that the theobroma in the much better reducing the artificially induced cough as codeine. The experts say that for now, it’s too early to say that the theo brominnal could be the common cold, the flu, Black Latte caused by, or chronic cough treating, or advising people to eat chocolate, cough. But maybe later, this can occur.
It should be noted, however, that the chocolate these are good properties with a lot of calories, which in turn increases the obesity risk. Excessive fat is known, inter alia, heart disease as far as possible, or, for example, asztmához lead. So the chocolate also is it true the saying of everything in moderation.

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